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CRM and ERP systems

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a software for business management which allows organizations to implement integrated application modules in order to enhance their business. CRM (customer relationship model) is a business model meant for organizations to enhance interaction and communication with its clients and customers.

CRM system

Using technology business processes like interviews, information sending, creation of offers, sales activities, marketing, customer support, technical support, your business can be organized, automated and synchronized with a goal to attract new clients or offer better service to already existing clients together with realizing savings on promotion and support costs.

In order to help raise your sales revenue, save on time and generate new growth opportunities, we offer installation, configuration and maintenance of Vtiger, free CRM solution.

ERP system

Goal is to provide a central information repository, easily accessible to all necessary individuals and departments in organization, to enhance information flow. ERP system integrates all your departments and activities into a single information system, capable of meeting demands of different departments.

Traditionally, each of the departments within organization has its own information system in order to carry out their services. ERP combines those different information systems into a single, integrated software package which is dependent on a common database.

Employees in different departments have access to the same information and can review and edit them.

If you are interested in quality ERP solution we can offer you sales, installation, configuration and maintenance services for ERP systems Pantheon and Synesis.

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