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Custom business applications

Every organization requires a different approach and elaboration of the processes necessary to address and manage inquiries and information. Special attention is given to a solid understanding of the needs and goals that a system wants to achieve in the end. Ultimately, we deliver tailor made systems that automate and digitize all of these processes.

We offer:

- Design and development of applications to support Internet content.
- Design and development of custom software solutions (custom software develpoment).
- Development of commercial applications and databases.
- CRM application development.
- Intranet application development.
- Mobile application development.
- LMS system development

The development process of each custom web application begins with a meeting and an analysis of the client's inquiry. Through specific requests and auditing of existing business processes - but also through understanding the goals and needs of each organization - we get thoroughly examine all of the aspects of business, which allows us to successfully define and digitize processes.

After being briefed on the client's requests, a detailed specification is made where functional and technical application processes are described and visualized through mockup screens. After the specification is approved by the client, we start realizing and developing of the web application. We develop applications modularly, which means that in the future we can easily upgrade them with new functionalities  as the needs for application development grow.

If necessary, we can perform integration with existing systems to enable uninterrupted business at any stage. After the development phase comes the detailed testing phase through various standardized tests to ensure safe and easy usage of the system.

After the completed application has been approved by the client, the system is then installed, implemented and readied for usage. Before activation, users are throughly educated, and once development is fully completed, we will continue to monitor all of our clients through active support and further growth of the application.

If you can't mold your processes into ready-made applications or your business
has outgrown an existing application that you're using and you need a custom one -
contact us with confidence.

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