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Business management, clients, registration record, membership management, various e-learning platforms (LMS) - significantly speed up your journey from idea to solution with ready-made systems

Some of the ready-made solutions we can offer:

Membership management - a modern software solution for the running of sports centers allows an establishment to digitize. A central database of all members and their activities that allows managing and monitoring finances, communicating with clients and planning activities. The system is simple and easy to use for all staff - but also for users that have access to the client part of the tracking application

LMS platform - LMS platforms are used to provide remote education through a game-design element. By setting up different tasks and materials, testing acquired knowledge and monitoring progress by grading each student, these systems allow ease of access to the educational process for both teachers and students. The most commonly used LMS platform is Moodle.

E-voting - easy, transparent and secure decision making. Effortless voting setup for organizing elections, assemblies and sessions of any kind. The FairVotes e-voting system adapts to your needs with its different performance packages.

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