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Disaster recovery (DR)

Disaster recovery is a set of plans and procedures, which are used to ensure continuation of regular activities after unexpected events which can be caused by natural disasters, human error or accident.

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NOD32 Antivirus / Spyware / Malware

In the field of antivirus solutions, our experts are offering permanent and efficient protection from all types of malware. If you suspect your system is infected, contact us so we can quickly diagnose and remove harmful software without the need for reinstallation of the entire operating system.

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Computer maintenance and service

To ensure uninterrupted and continuous business activity, with all of our clients we utilize a proactive approach to computer maintenance. Our computer experts will do everything possible to prevent any computer issues and saver your time and money.

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Server maintenance

Server systems are the building blocks of every IT system. sending and receiving emails, domain services, security settings, databases, file and printer sharing, various applications usage are just some of the activities which require well configured and well maintained server architecture.

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IT systems planning and implementation

Project management is a synergy of knowledge, skills and tools we use to organize,analyse and control processes within a project. It is important that IT systems are properly planned, implemented and ready for future upgrades if the need arises.

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IT equipment store

In order to support the process of buying and installation of new it equipment we can offer wide assortment of hardware and software. before deciding on product that you need we will listen to your needs and offer our expertise for you to get the best value for your money.

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G Suite services

G Suite services offer simple, secure and easily accessible way of using all capabilities of traditional office applications.


System integration

Information systems are usually comprised out of a couple of different infrastructural and applications solutions. To ensure maximum efficiency of those different systems, they need to be integrated into one functional unit in such a way, that it meets the needs of your organization.

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