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Online backup systems

Online backup system is an ideal way to efficiently protect your critical data from unexpected events like theft, fire, earthquakes, floods…

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Email marketing

Email marketing offers capability of free advertisement of your products and services to a large base of potential clients. It offers quick, easy and efficient way of contact with your potential clients, partners and associates with content specifically tailored for your needs.

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Securing networks / offices / locations

Today it is hard to imagine a company not using internet or internet based services. Every piece of information that is exchanged finds its way to a final destinations using some form of network infrastructure.

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Data recovery

Data recovery is a process which allows access to damaged or corrupted data otherwise inaccessible.

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Data encryption

Data encryption is the process of coding your messages or information in such a way that unauthorized parties are unable to access them while still maintaining the ability to access them yourselves.

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Disaster recovery (DR)

Disaster recovery is a set of plans and procedures, which are used to ensure continuation of regular activities after unexpected events which can be caused by natural disasters, human error or accident.

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NOD32 Antivirus / Spyware / Malware

In the field of antivirus solutions, our experts are offering permanent and efficient protection from all types of malware. If you suspect your system is infected, contact us so we can quickly diagnose and remove harmful software without the need for reinstallation of the entire operating system.

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Computer maintenance and service

To ensure uninterrupted and continuous business activity, with all of our clients we utilize a proactive approach to computer maintenance. Our computer experts will do everything possible to prevent any computer issues and saver your time and money.

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Server maintenance

Server systems are the building blocks of every IT system. sending and receiving emails, domain services, security settings, databases, file and printer sharing, various applications usage are just some of the activities which require well configured and well maintained server architecture.

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