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Computer maintenance and service

To ensure uninterrupted and continuous business activity, with all of our clients we utilize a proactive approach to computer maintenance. Our computer experts will do everything possible to prevent any computer issues and saver your time and money.

We can offer a wide choice of knowledge and service, covering all fieldsrelated to computer maintenance. Whenever you experience computer hardware orsoftware issues, IDE3 IT support team will quickly determine cause and find asolution to your problem.

We offer:

Diagnostics, repair and maintenance of computers
Suggestions on howto improve performance of your devices
Installation,upgrade and replacement of components (RAM memory, CPU, motherboards, powersupply, storage devices, graphic cards, CPU cooling systems…)
System testing(stress testing, memory tests, CPU temperature control…)
Installation andconfiguration of internet access connections and ADSL routers
Software upgradesand system updates
Diagnostics andremoval of computer viruses and other malware
Education andconsulting services
Regular system maintenance like antivirus scans, installation of softwareupgrades and updates, secure storage and data integrity checks, removal oftemporary and unused files and programs, contributes to system stability and lessens the possibility of errorsarising.

We provide installation, upgrades and maintenance for operating systems:

Mac OS X
We offer diagnostic, repair and upgrade services for your IT equipmentand devices, laptops, desktop computers, monitors, ATM monitors, mobile devices,tablets, LCD projectors, POS systems, power supply units, laser printers

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