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Data encryption

Data encryption is the process of coding your messages or information in such a way that unauthorized parties are unable to access them while still maintaining the ability to access them yourselves.

Through process of encryption information, which is usually available in clear text, they are encrypted using some form of encryption algorithm, creating unreadable ciphertext. Usually encryption key is used and it determines the way in which information is to be encrypted.

Unauthorized parties in possession of ciphertext are not able to read the original information. On the other hand, parties that are meant to read the information can easily decipher ciphertext using secret decryption key. Unauthorized parties do not have the secret key and theoriginal information is thereforeinaccessible.

If you are carrying your work home on laptop, sending information over network and are in possession of confidential information or valuable data, we advise you to use encryption to secure your data.

According to your needs and wishes, we offer cryptographic solutions for sensitive information, regardless of their location (hard drives, laptops, portable drives, USB flash memory, etc.).

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