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Email marketing

Email marketing offers capability of free advertisement of your products and services to a large base of potential clients. It offers quick, easy and efficient way of contact with your potential clients, partners and associates with content specifically tailored for your needs.

For that purpose we can offer you sale, installation and technical support for powerful software solution Email Marketer, developed by our partner Interspire.

Email Marketer offers advanced features in designing your email promotion:
 - Over 100 available email templates
 - Simple import and editing of content from your computer or internet
 - Image upload
 - Simple to use editor for your content
 - Advanced HTML editing capabilities 

If you are in need for high quality email campaign, Email Marketer offers:
 - Simple mechanism for automatic additions or removals from lists
 - Capability to send out online forms and questionnaires 
 - Email open reporting (receiving a report when someone opens email message)
 - Free system for spam prevention (so your emails aren’t categorized as spam by anti-spam filters)
 - Sending of content to multiple lists at once
 - Sending of email messages using HTML, text or combined format

In order to ensure effectiveness of your marketing activity, Email Marketer offers high quality mechanism for statistical analysis and reporting of your marketing campaign.

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