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Email services hosting and configuration

Capability of sending and receiving email messages is extremely important. Email service enables swift and simple means of communicating with our friends and business associates.

According to your needs we offer email hosting services. Our experts will install and configure your messaging system on our servers and provide archiving services for your previously sent or received mail, all according to the latest security standards.

Our certified experts will take care thatyour system is appropriately configured, secured and capable of meeting your organization’s needs.

If you are already hosting your own email servers, we can provide efficient anti-spam and filtering solutions GFI Max MailProtection and GFI Mail Essentials.

GFI Max MailProtection offers flexible and reliable antivirus and anti-spam protection for internet service providers and companies who provide IT support. It is compatible with any email infrastructure and offers very efficient mechanisms for spam and virus filtering before they reach your environment.

Using GFI Max MailProtection you gain:

1. Capability of sending and receiving messages even when your own infrastructure is inaccessible

2. Security and reliability that comes from using several different operating systems and data centres for your email services

3. Simple means of calculating costs with our per user licensing

4. GFI MailEssentials is efficient security and anti-spam solution for Exchange and other servers. It protects your infrastructure from spam, phishing frauds and viruses utilizing several security layers and up to five different antivirus engines.

Some of the capabilities of GFI Mail Essentials:

 - Email monitoring and reporting

 - Protection from Trojan horses and scripts

 - White list usage

 - Search through quarantined messages

 - Virtualization support 

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