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IT Support for business users

You need a reliable IT company that will reduce your cost, speed up IT processes leaving you to focus on your primary business?

If you use IDE3 IT support services you will have available IT professionals who will solve your problems whenever they occur. Our IT support includes the following services:

Hardware and software - We offer a wide range of skills and services in all areas related to computers. If you have any problem with the hardware and software we can find the cause of and solution to your problem.
Monitoring and management / proactive maintenance - using sophisticated technology, we monitor and manage every aspect of the ICT infrastructure entrusted to us. In most cases, we notice a possible occurrence of the problem and solve it before even contacting us, saving you time and money.

Emergency access to a remote location (REMOTE) – we solved more than 80% of the problems by connecting through the Internet to your computer from our office-offering you a fast and efficient service that is 100% safe. This means that most of the problems we solve immediately without coming to your location. 

On-site support - if you require it or the problem can not be solved through the access to the Internet, we arrive at your location within a few hours of the call.

No call center and waiting time - you always have direct access to the Director or any of our technicians and system engineers who know how to solve your problem - quickly and efficiently!
Contract options for business costumers

Our support service is available to business customers on request (per application of problems - "on call") or subscribing to our support service (monthly contract or leased number of working hours). Subscribing to our service allows you to safely focus on your primary business while we take responsibility and care for the operation of your computer system.

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