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Securing networks / offices / locations

Today it is hard to imagine a company not using internet or internet based services. Every piece of information that is exchanged finds its way to a final destinations using some form of network infrastructure.

That is why it is crucial to properly secure the network infrastructure in order to avoid unwanted circumstances like theft of business secrets, data, identity or personal information. To secure your information and activity, we can provide security level testing and rating with development of your security policies. 

We offer: 

• Wide array of security solutions for your business in order to make it secure and consistent
• Advice on technologies that will protect you from computer viruses, spam and other malicious software
• Firewall protection
• Network traffic monitoring 
• Configuring of security rules for access to your shared data
• Development of secure systems 

We sign Confidentiality Agreement with all our clients ensuring safety of your data on our part.

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