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Server systems are the building blocks of every IT system. sending and receiving emails, domain services, security settings, databases, file and printer sharing, various applications usage are just some of the activities which require well configured and well maintained server architecture.

Our team of experienced and certified system engineers will provide youwith full IT support during the entire lifecycle of your server technologies.They will offer advice and suggestions on physical architecture, install andconfigure your server systems and offer proactive and reactive maintenance.

In order to strengthen, optimize and secure your server architecture our ITexperts will performthe following activities:minute to minute servermonitoring, scheduled maintenance, security checks, proactive support andregular performance of upgrade and update service.

Applying years of experience, our team possesses skills and knowledgenecessary to ensure quality installation and maintenance of Windows Server, MSExchange, SharePoint and Database server systems and accompanying services(Active Directory, DHCP, DNS, GFI FAX Server, MYSql, MSSql, Print server…).

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