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Web page development and SEO optimization

Today it is hard to imagine a company that does its business without being present on the web since it can dramatically improve profitability of businesses.

Web pages are an integral part your company’s publicidentity and a corner stone of your brand management on the internet. In order to improve business possibilities, it is important to present oneself towards clients and partners as professional as possible. Designing new or redesign of old Web pages can help keep them attractive, informative and interesting.

In order to make your web pages appear in web search results as high as possible we offer SEO (Search engine optimization) of your web pages. Using SEO we can achieve that your web pages appear early and often in the web search results which can increase number of visitors to your pages.

For you we can develop web applications you can access over your internal network or internet, and software solutions tailored exclusively to suit your needs.

We offer development of:

• Web pages and Web design

• Web pages with CMS systems

• Portals

• Web shops

• Facebook applications

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